Coconut Ladoo Recipe: How to make Coconut Ladoo in 15 minutes; Watch video inside

As the nation is under lockdown due to to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. But we can surely make this lockdown interesting with some creative activities.  There are many easy to cook and instant recipes which you can try during the lockdown period. You can instantly prepare coconut ladoo, by following the below mentioned Coconut Ladoo (Nariyal ladoo) recipe and make it in just 15 minutes.

There are numerous versions of coconut ladoo, which can be prepared using different recipes like condensed milk, milkmaid, khoya, or simply with sugar syrup. Coconut balls or coconut ladoo can be prepared with desiccated or shredded coconut along with milk and sugar combination.

Here we have listed an easy way of coconut laddo preparation for beginners. Interestingly, coconut barfi can also be prepared by transferring the mixture in a flat plate and allow it to sit for six hours and later cut them into small square

Below are the Ingredients:

2 Cups Desiccated or shredded Coconut
¾ Cup Sugar
2 tbp desi ghee
1 Cup Milk
¼ Cup Desiccated Coconut (For Coating)


Take a kadai, put ghee, heat it and add desiccated coconut into it.
Roast it for 5 minutes.
Add Sugar, roast it for 2 minutes.
Add milk and continue to mix.
Cook till texture get crumbly.
Now grease your hand with ghee and take a pinch of mixture and roll in a round shape like ladoo.
Then coat with desiccated coconut.
Prepare all ladoo like this.
Rest in the fridge for 10 minutes.
Coconut ladoo is ready to serve.

Watch Coconut Ladoo Recipe In The Video Below: